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Harvard Kennedy School Scholarship [Harvard University]

Study at Harvard!

Harvard Kennedy School Scholarship [Harvard University]

For those who are seeking admission in Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, the financial aid program comes very supportive. The school has announced application deadline for next year’s financial aid, by which applied students will be considered for different scholarships, fellowships and financial need based funding. The application deadline is January 24th , 2018. Regardless of financial need, all prospective students are encouraged to apply since the majority of scholarship and fellowship opportunities are primarily based on merit.

The financial assistance application is used to consider prospective students for:

  • Dean’s and Kennedy Fellowships
  • Public Service Fellowships
  • HKS research center based fellowships
  • A variety of HKS scholarships and fellowships — review the HKS Fellowships and Scholarships webpage for more details on available resources
  • Restricted Scholarships from the Harvard Committee on General Scholarships (CGS)
  • Financial need-based funds

How to Apply

The Harvard Kennedy School financial assistance application is available on the same web portal (SLATE) that hosts the application for admission. To access the financial assistance application, please log into SLATE and from the status page select the Financial Aid button (check the screenshot shown below):

Harvard Scholarship

Application Deadline

The application deadline is January 24th , 2018. Don’t wait. Apply now and prepare well. Good luck!

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